Back to Life, Back to Reality

Mr. C and I have been in Las Vegas since Wednesday. We flew up for a friend’s wedding but stayed an extra night in an effort to turn the trip into a quick getaway. The last time I flew on a plane was also the last time I was in Las Vegas. That would be nine years ago.

If you want to gauge how old you are really getting, go to Vegas. Mr. C’s time leading up to the wedding was filled with wedding duties leaving me to fend for myself. I knew this going in and to be honest I was kind of excited about the me time.

Vegas 2 When we checked in Mr. C used his sales skills to negotiate us into a suite, an upgrade from our standard room. Originally I didn’t really care what kind of room we had because in my mind I would wander the town, shop, gamble, sit out by the pool, hang out in the sports book and maybe even have a drink during the day. Let me just say I am thankful for my extra television in my personal living room area because instead I was holed up in our suite reading, resting, drinking Starbucks, watching baseball and working out. The crazy thing is, I loved every minute of it. Apparently when you are pushing forty this is how you do Vegas.

I did manage to go out to dinner with Mr. C a couple of times and to a concert with some other friends (the only other “couple” attending the wedding). I am normally the only girl when Mr. C gets together with old friends so I was thankful there was another wife in attendance.

We all actually worked together once upon a long time ago. Mr. C and J have known each other since junior high and were roommates when we met. Our oldest kids are a month apart and they were married seven months after us.

They moved to San Antonio for work (an option Mr. C and I declined because of Kaleb, my step-son) twelve years ago so we don’t see each other often. I had a great time. We have enough in common that our conversations were easy and we were different enough that it kept the conversations interesting and fresh. Does that make sense? I realized Mr. C and I could benefit from those kind of friends in our everyday life.

Vegas 1 It is always fun to attend your friends weddings. For us, whenever another one of Mr. C’s childhood friends get married it is like a mini reunion from our wedding. I love that he is still friends with guys he went to grade school, junior high and high school with. That is over twenty years worth of memories for him and fourteen years for me. It is safe to say they are more like family than friends.

It was nice to getaway from the busy of my everyday but I couldn’t help but miss my babies. They had so much going on. I was forced to live vicariously through text messages and quick phone calls. My mother-in-law is a saint. I am thankful for her continued willingness to go above and beyond to help us out. At the end of the trip I was ready to come back home.

Is it crazy that a Vegas trip would leave me well rested and recharged?  This morning the alarm went off and I began the shower merry-go-round. I made breakfast, packed lunches, administered allergy and asthma medication, braided hair, broke up a sibling squabble, went over the plans for the day, prayed for the kids, and gave away as many hugs and kisses as time would permit. I opened my lap top for the first time in five days, answered e-mails, wrote this blog post and registered two kids for Summer Camp. Back to life, back to reality and it feels so good.

How often do you get away with your significant other or alone?

What do you do rest and recharge?


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