My September 11th Story

Originally Posted September 11, 2012

karisa 10 001 When we think of September 11th we justly think of all the chaos and tragedy that occurred. While I am still brought to tears, even as I type this, thinking about the images and the grief this day has brought and continues to bring to so many, I am also reminded of the hope that day brought to me. I have never shared this story with anyone because 1.) it is rather personal, even for me and 2.) it has always felt wrong to think of this day as joyful. As I grow in my faith, I am learning that regardless of how I feel about my story, God has a greater purpose for my life experiences, even if I protest.

The morning of September 11, I arrived at the Chase Bank building at 5:00am, 7 months pregnant and ready to put in a days worth of work. With the three-hour time difference we were making calls to the East coast. Our monthly deadline was that day and it was our last push to hit our collections goal. Right before 6:00 am our time, different reps were whispering and chatter started to spread throughout the call center. Soon outgoing calls to New York rendered a busy tone and a Supervisor on our floor told us to stop making calls. Someone came in and made an announcement about the Twin Towers. A television was brought out on the floor and we all watched in stunned silence.

When I was a little girl I had always dreamed of living in New York, secretly as a writer, but publicly as an attorney. Then life took a change of events and I still had a secret desire to write but publicly I shift my focus to the non-profit sector. No matter which way my career path went I knew it would be as a single gal living in New York City.

However, in February of 2000 my dad died suddenly. I had been working full-time at Chase Bank in the collections department and going to school full-time. I was all set to finish college and move to New York in the Summer of 2000. Because my brother was still a minor when my dad died and his estate needed to be settled my plans were put on hold.

During this time I started dating Mr. C, who I had known and worked with for a little over a year. For an entire year we spent fifteen minutes a day on our break grabbing lunch and getting to know one another, yet we never saw each other outside of work. Anyway, I withdrew from school to deal with my dad dying and my relationship with Mr. C went from platonic to intimate in a skipped heartbeat. So much so that I found myself pregnant three months into our relationship.

I felt stupid and embarrassed. I prided myself on being twenty-four with no kids because the rest of my family starting having kids at 16! Truthfully, I was mostly scared of turning out like my own mother. I cried all the time. I didn’t want to be pregnant. Still, I took my vitamins, stopped drinking, went to the doctor and did everything a responsible mother-to-be should do, expect love being pregnant.

Just short of being three months pregnant, I miscarried. It was awful. As much as I didn’t want to be pregnant, I didn’t want this. I felt (and still do) guilty and responsible. I thought it was my fault for crying all the time or wishing I hadn’t gotten pregnant in the first place.

It was challenging for my relationship with Mr. C because of us having to deal with so much, so early into our relationship. More so because when I became pregnant we started to spend time as a family with my future step-son and dealing with being a blended family. Somehow, we continued on and five months later I was pregnant, again.

Carrying the guilt of my previous miscarriage, I refused to cry. Actually I refused to feel anything. I went through all the responsible motions again. With every ultrasound or baby heart beat check we held our breath until the coast was clear. My goal became keeping this baby alive.

Mr. C and I had moved in together at the beginning of this pregnancy. I was working full-time and balancing life as a pregnant girlfriend and an un-official step-mom. We hardly ever talked about the baby and we weren’t in any rush to buy any baby items. Although, I did read the What To Expect What Your Expecting book like it was my Bible.

In my mind I was convinced that it was shameful to be pregnant out-of-wedlock therefore I had no right to feel joy or plan excitedly for a baby. I seriously didn’t want people to think this was planned or anything.

As I stared at the images on the television on the morning of September 11th, I instinctively held my belly.  For the first time I felt like a mother. Not someone who was pregnant and going through the motions. No. I felt like a mom. A mom scared for the future of her unborn little girl. I wanted to protect her from all the unjust craziness of the world. I was overwhelmed with selfless, unconditional love for a baby girl who would be mine to raise.

On that day in the midst of all the chaos and hurt, I felt the joy of impending motherhood for the first time, ever. It turns out being a mommy is everything I never knew I wanted. It is the unconditional love that humbles me and gives me never-ending hope. I am thankful everyday that God’s plans promise to prosper me and give me hope.

What is your September 11?

When is the first time you felt like a mother?

Oh September…


Today as I was sorting laundry I began to cry and it wasn’t because I was behind on laundry, again! It was a cry I was all to familiar with. It was the kind of cry that has been consistent for weeks. The cry that comes at the most awkward of times. It was a cry that comes even in the midst of great joy. It is the cry of depression.

Once I realized I was once again battling this beast of a disease I started to laugh. I laughed in the awkward way people laugh at funerals. Have you ever felt so incredible confused, helpless and sad that all you could do is laugh? Yea, well that was what was going on.

I was laughing because it was September for heaven’s sake! It is the most neutral month as far as triggers go for me. Yet as I was half crying, half laughing I came to realization that for at least the last four years I have battled an episode of depression in September.

It was four years ago in September that I finally put my pride aside and sought medical help. It was last year in September I fought one my most epic battles with depression to date. What is it about September?

Here is the part where I should tell you depression has no reason. I know that. I believe that. I have felt it’s strong hold right smack in the middle of my fairy-tale like life. I have been asked the question, ‘What do you have to be sad about?” People, I am not sad. I am depressed. Know the difference!

Even so, this is me we are talking about and depressed or not I will analyze the crap out of a situation! So I did. For the most part my depression usually is triggered by something. So I let my mind go to places they haven’t been in a while and focused on the month of September.

Right there in the middle of a pile of dirty laundry, and I do mean dirty, I let out an audible gasp, curled up in a fetal position and cried. It was in the month of September my mom abandoned us five kids. The memory of her walking out the door of my grandmas house without even saying goodbye never to return in the capacity as my parent again is forever etched in my memory. Albeit it is a memory I have stored way deep down in order to function as a human being on a daily basis!

Now I’m not saying that subconsciously my imbalance that causes my mental health disorder is linked to this very traumatic event because I am not qualified to make those type of diagnosis. What I am saying is I don’t think it is a coincidence.

So what now? Well for now I got up off of the dirty laundry, put a load in the machine, wiped my tears, took a deep breath and decided to write this blog post. I don’t have a cure for depression. If I did that would not only solve my own mental problems but my financial ones as well.

I am living with depression. Some days (or months) I have to go to the mat and fight like hell and others not so much. I don’t sit back and let the fact that my mental well-being is altered define me. I do every single thing in my power to fight. I pray, I work out, and I take medication when necessary. More importantly I allow myself to know that even though I do everything within my power to stay as “normal” as possible I am not in control.

There may be moments, days, weeks, months when depression wins. That’s okay because I know who already won the war and his name is Jesus. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” Psalm 23:4


** I share my personal struggles with depression in an effort to let you know you are not alone. I am not an expert and you should not make decisions for yourself based on the information you read here. If you are suffering from depression 1.) You are not alone 2.) There is no shame in admitting you suffer from a mental illness and 3.) Please, please seek help.

Come As You Are


On Saturday my son played in his very first club ball tournament. The high was 106 degrees. It was hot. As much as I wanted to complain about my own discomfort, my son was suited up in full catcher gear during the hottest part of the day. All I can say is we survived.

We arrived at the park at 9:00 am. His team had a game at 10:00 am and at 2:00 pm. They won both games and advanced to the championship game at 8:00 pm. They were defeated and took 2nd place. It was nearly midnight by the time we returned home, ate dinner and literally fell into bed.

When my eyes opened on Sunday morning we only had an hour to get our family of five ready and out the door for church. It was not easy. I am so thankful that our church has a come as you are policy because we were a hot mess of a family when we arrived.

I had on jeans so dirty I truly don’t remember the last time I washed them and a running shirt I had laid out to go for my morning run that never happened. My only saving grace was I managed to shower!

My son had on a baby blue shirt two sizes too small, bright red basketball shorts and neon yellow shoes. I’m not entirely sure if what my twelve-year-old daughter had on was intentional or not because, hello, she’s in junior high but it was questionable. The baby was the only one who looked put together because that is just who she is!

We managed to get everyone where they needed to be and walked into the worship center on time! I instantly felt my body tingle in a way that I can only explain as the Holy Spirit being present, although in the moment I questioned if it might be my body reacting to my dirty jeans. However once worship began I can say it was indeed the Holy Spirit. I left convicted and encouraged and so very thankful I showed up.

Church has become this safe place for our family. We are not always a hot mess but when we are it’s okay. Wouldn’t it be great if we created a safe place in our own homes, work places, schools, Bible studies, etc. where people felt safe to show up regardless if they are a hot mess or not?

The next time you are tempted to not do something because you are feeling like a hot mess do me a favor and just show up anyway. The possibilities awaiting you could be your biggest blessing right smack dab in the middle of your hot mess.



Business As Usual

school 14

School started two weeks ago. I haven’t had the time to sit down let alone write an obligatory back to school post. One day it was Summer break and the next day we woke up and started our back to school routine.

Open houses and meet the teacher have come and gone. I have filled out my weight in paper work. I have made two trips to the urgent care, one for each daughter, both for swimmers ear.

Our nights are already knee-deep in homework and extra curricular activities. Our baby has moved up to level 2 gymnastics and you guys she has found her passion. Yes, at 7! Our son has joined a club/traveling baseball team and while we are blessed with this opportunity and the fee in comparison to the going rate is peanuts it is still rather costly and time-consuming but worth every penny and minute. We are still waiting to add two more commitments to the schedule (Little League Softball starts next week and a college prep program starts in September for my junior high daughter).

Tonight Bible Study Life Groups starts and so our Wednesday nights from now until November looks like this:

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Gymnastics (Kailey)
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Bible Study Life Groups (Kailey & Karisa)
6:45 pm – 9:00 pm Indoor Baseball Practice (Kaiden)

Oh and have I mentioned I will be facilitating a weekly Bible Study group at our church as part of our Women’s Ministry. Apparently when I agreed to showing up once a week and stretching myself completely out of my comfort zone I was also committing to being on the women’s leadership team which included a retreat the first week of school and a women’s conference in less than a month.

I know for some of you looking at our schedule makes you dizzy. I get it. I do. Mr. C and I do not make commitments lightly. We spend a great deal of time in prayer for our children and specifically how we are called to raise them. We have said, “No.” more times than not. I believe with all my heart the opportunities presented to them this year are a direct result of prayer.

At times our life gets busy and even chaotic but we never regret watching our kids shine. They are all healthy (minus some seasonal asthma and occasional “normal” ailments), they all do well in school, they continue to develop their character for the better and most importantly they continue to live as children of God.

We are called to be a light in this dark world. The only way we can do that is to go out into the world. I’m not comfortable, or brave enough, to share my faith with strangers (I’m working on it). However, our family is given the opportunity to do so with the many people we meet and who become like family through our kids activities in a non-threatening, beat you over the head with a Bible kind of way

When Kaiden missed an all-star game to go to church camp he was asked over and over again why he wasn’t at the game. Because of that he had the opportunity to say he went to camp and that led to a natural conversation about the things he did while he was there. Tonight when the girls are at Bible study instead of watching Kaiden practice we will get asked where they are (because we do life as a family and they are always with us) we get to explain the amazing mid-week life group they attend. The same is true when I am reading a Bible study book and someone asks what I’m reading. I get to say share and explain why.

I’m not in any way justifying being busy as a way to evangelize. I am saying this is what works for me and my family. It is the balance we have found in pursuing our God-given passions. So while you may look at our colander and see a busy, over-scheduled family. I see a Christ-center family living life in the world. For us, it is business as usual.

It Is Well With My Soul

beach 2014

I have spent the last couple of weeks doing some serious soul-searching. It wasn’t a conscious choice it just sort of happened. It all started on our family vacation in Palm Springs.

As we made the final sweep of our home in search of whatever we may have forgotten before we departed on a four-hour drive to our vacation destination I looked at my lap top and paused. I felt compelled to leave it at home. It wasn’t a hard decision because I had my trusty iPhone as a back up to keep me connected to my online world. Instead, I grabbed an extra journal.

Something amazing happened on that vacation. I gave my undivided attention not only to my family but to God. Why? I wasn’t distracted by some sort of made-up obligation to keep in touch with the outside world.

I didn’t feel compelled to reach for my phone. I did use it to take pictures and to post to Instagram on occasion but not once did it take away from me being present. I experienced an eye-opening, freeing conviction of the heart.

Look, I am not saying I spent every moment at my families beckon call because I didn’t. I read, I worked out, did laundry because laundry demands to be done and I spent time alone being refreshed by the Word of God. What I am saying is I was intentional and not distracted by the world at large.

I cuddled on the sofa with the kids and Mr. C, sang out loud and off-key, started impromptu dance parties, had long uninterrupted conversations, played in the pool, battle waves in the ocean and laughed with reckless abandoned. I gave my family the gift of me.

When we returned from our vacation I wanted to continue to be that person so I did. Here is the thing, we get to decided who we are going to be. Crazy complicated, right? I’m not sure when or why I lost track of the fact that I get to decide how I live my life and who or what has priority over my time and attention but I did.

I have read three books in the last couple of weeks that have helped shape my here and now. They have called me to take immediate action and have brought nourishment to my soul. I recommend them so much I have given away my own underlined, tear-stained copies and plan on purchasing another set. They are:

My life right now is crazy busy and complicated but I am at peace. I am refreshed and encouraged because I choose to make God a priority. For the first time in a long time I honestly feel it is well with my soul.


It is my prayer that we make you King of our hearts.
Reveal to us the idols we have replaced you with.
Help us to understand that perfect does not equal peace.
You have given us free will, Oh Lord.
Give us the strength to align our will with yours so that it may be
well with our soul.



Five Steps for Back to School Shopping

It’s that time of year to go back to school shopping. While my system may not be ideal for most, it keeps me calm and focused. Or is that Mini Wheat cereal? This school year I’ve decided to take you on a journey of my neurotic, Type A personality in action. The method behind all of my madness always begins with a list and a detailed plan. You see while others pile into the car and head for the nearest mall, I invoke a five step process for back to school shopping.

5 school shopping

  • Step One: De-Clutter

I have found it necessary to start any project by de-cluttering. In an effort to raise our kids to be self-sufficient I have them go through all of their clothes, toys, and supplies and get rid of anything that does not fit, is unusable, or that they just do not want anymore. Inevitably I go through and do the same thing a second time around because let’s face it they are kids and I am a bit of a control freak. Together we decide what stuff will be handed down to friends, given to the Goodwill, or thrown away. A fashion show with the girls to see what clothing fits and putting together all of my son’s car tracks and other toys to see if we have all the pieces has been known to happen as a result of this step. Basically, you get the idea.

  • Step Two: Take Inventory

Once everything is de-cluttered and you only have the things you want and/or need you area able to see exactly what you have. You might be surprised to learn your son only has two pair of pants that fit but has a plethora of shirts. You could also be the owner of two packs of brand new pencils and glue sticks. Who knows? If you really want to be a nerd you can write it all down and transfer it to a spreadsheet like I do? I know, I know. I can’t help it.

  • Step Three: Make a List

Based on your inventory decide what, including quantity, your children need. I also include a few wants. My daughter may not need three pair of shoes but it doesn’t hurt to put it on the back to school list, at this point. Simple enough right? Well, I tend to sort my list by child, clothing type, supplies and of course make a master list. Issues, I know!

  • Step Four: Research and Create a Budget

I like to research online all the items on my master list. I can get idea of what things cost and where I can get a great deal. Having a budget is necessary in our household because at this stage of our life we our living on very limited discretionary funds. On top of that our income is erratic due to Mr. C having a commission based career. After our budget is established, I make adjustments based on the research I did and make a new list. It may make more sense to budget first then research but hey I have never been one to do things that make sense! Either way doing this allows me to figure how to best use our back to school budget.

  • Step Five: Shop

Finally, the fun part. With four kids it’s tough to find one on one time. School shopping is the perfect excuse to have a mommy/daughter date with my oldest daughter. We hit the stores with our list and cash only in hand. It’s a great time to talk and find out how she is feeling about the new school year. I also get an insight on how her fashion sense has changed and what things she thinks are now cool. It is a time to bond and just have girl time. I tried to have mommy/son and a daddy/son shopping trip in the past but it didn’t work out. My son loves to see what we bought for him but going shopping for himself, not so much.

At the end of the day all that matters is your kids are prepared and equipped for a new school year, while you stay within your families budget. The method in which you get there has to work for you and your family alone. I take comfort in being a neurotic list maker.

How do accomplish back to school shopping?

Back to School Countdown


There are officially twelve days until the first day of school, not that I’m counting. Because I allowed (forced) myself to live a care free Summer, the daunting task of preparing for a new school year is sending fear throughout my being. I have had the fortune of multiple mistakes in the all of the years of being a parent to school aged children. This year I have implemented five steps to eliminate most of the back to school madness.

5 Steps Back To School

Step One: Establish a Routine

I like to come up with a “in a perfect world” routine for the school year. What time do the kids need to be up for school and what is a reasonable bed time? Are they showering in the morning or night? When is homework time? Are they allowed to have play dates on school nights? Will they take lunch or buy from the cafeteria? Can they participate in extra curricular activities? Once you figure out the answers that fit for your family, make it a rule. Our kids know what is expected of them from the moment they get up for school, including where their backpacks belong the second they walk through the door.

Step Two: Communication

I don’t know about you but I have hard time keeping track of where I am supposed to be let alone the four other people living in my house. We have a whiteboard calendar with everyone’s activities for the month. I also have a post it on the fridge with that day’s activities. Every week my husband and I go through that weeks activities and figure out who is doing what, when, and where. Let me go back and say that before you obligate yourself and/or your kids to anything I would suggest talking about it as a family. I always get my hubby’s support before I make a commitment. My husband is my number one supporter of any adventure I chose to take but he will also honestly tell me if I am over extending myself. Through trial and error we both know that I bear the burden of getting the kids to and from all of their activities due to his work schedule. He helps whenever and however he can but providing for our family is a priority.

Step Three: Meal Planning

For me meal planning is the key to staying in budget and feeding my kids a mostly healthy meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Once you know if you are making kids lunch and what your activities are you can start to plan meals. I am not creative at all when it comes to making school lunches so I rely on Pinterest. As for dinners, I jot down what activities are going on and what time. Then I figure our how many quick meals I need to make. I make every effort to eat dinner as a family. Even if it is slurping down a fifteen minute spaghetti dinner. This eliminates most of the urge to just pick something up because we have nothing quick and easy to make at home.

Step Four: Dry Run

How many of you let your kids stay up late during the Summer? I do! I also wean my kids off of their Summer sleeping routing and ease them into the new school year hours. Two weeks before school starts we have the kids go to bed slightly earlier than normal. A week before school they go to bed at their normal school year bedtime and are woken up according to our school year routine. I try to start making lunch around the same time they will be served at school as well. Trust me. This makes a big difference in adjusting to a new school year.

Step Five: Go with the Flow

Keep in mind life happens. I am often the crazy lady screaming at their children, “We are late, get up we’re late!” Which leads to me handing them a banana to eat for breakfast in the car on the way to school, along with lunch money instead of that healthy lunch I promised I would send everyday. I have also been known to forget dinner altogether. Hey it happens! The point is having a plan prevents most of  the irrational decisions on the fly and it let’s your children know what is expected of them.

How do you get ready for the new school year?

The Truth About Parenting


Mr. C. and I are parents to four children. Our oldest son, Kaleb, is 22 and out on his own but we still have three kids living under our roof, Karisa (12), Kaiden (10) and Kailey (6). It is natural for me as a blogger to write about our adventures in parenting. However having children does not make me an expert on the subject.

The truth is being a parent requires constantly adjusting your methods. Just when you get the toddler thing figured out they go and turn into preschoolers and eventually they reach middle school and all you can do is hold on tight because both or your worlds have taken a seat on a non-stop roller coaster. Then one day your son calls and ask if you can help him move for the third time in his short adult life and it takes everything you have not to pack his stuff up and unpack it in his old bedroom, under your roof because you may or may not have control issues.

Oh, and just for fun, what worked for one kid almost never works for the other. Listen. You and I both know parenting is no joke.

Since entering my role as a mentor mom there are two parenting tips, if you will, I always give whenever I have an opportunity to talk to moms. The first tip is to know you have been uniquely created therefore what works for one family may not work for yours. The second is to learn to pray without ceasing for your children.

When I was a new mom I read all the books and sought out advice from others. I then took that information and tried to apply it to our family exactly as they did, because hello, I’m a type-A rule follower! When it didn’t work I thought I was a failure. It took me a years to realize it didn’t work because our family dynamic is different.

I still seek out all the information on parenting I can get my hands on. I also love to talk to parents who are in the next stage of life and in my current stage of life. I have an open mind when it comes to advice being given to me because I am now able to discern what will and will not work for our family. The majority of the time I tweak the parenting techniques I think will work to fit our family. In the end it comes down to trial and error and that’s okay.

As parents we are going to make mistakes. We are going to get it wrong before we get it right. My bonus tip, because I truly care about you, is to cut yourself some slack. All we can do is our very best and pray. Prayer changes everything.

A year ago I wrote Prayer, A Mother’s Most Powerful Tool. Here is an excerpt:

One of our easiest and most powerful tools we have as moms is the Power of Prayer yet I find ways to make it difficult… The truth is it doesn’t matter what you pray for because God already knows the desires of your heart (Matthew 6:8). What matters is making God a priority in our life by bringing all of our request to him.

If you are like me and need to know the HOW part of praying I encourage you to read the whole post.

moms on pinterest

Writing about Parenting will forever be a part of Another Housewife because I will forever be a mom. My desire for you when you read these post is for you to know you are not alone.  I too make mistakes and have no idea what I am really doing. My goal is for you to take my tips and ideas on how we raise our kids and discern what will and will not work for you and/or tweak them to fit your unique family dynamic.


What two parenting tips would you give to other parents?


Born on the 4th of July

Today as we rejoice in the freedom of our country, I will also be celebrating the birth of my baby brother. It is inexplicably hard to comprehend that the child I took part in raising is now in his thirties! On the Fourth of July, as a children, we would spend the day running through the sprinklers, eating watermelon while my dad made hamburgers and hot dogs on a charcoal grill. Followed by singing happy birthday to my brother, eating cake, and busting open a piñata. As soon as the sun would set, we climbed up a ladder leading to the roof of our house and waited for the spectacle in the sky.
I was six years old when he came into this world, while fireworks were literally being exploded in all of their glory. It was the last memory I have of my parents being together. They had already separated but I guess the birth of a child brings about a reconciliation, if only for a brief moment. A little over a year after his birth my mom abandoned us and my dad began life as a single father to five children.
Being the oldest, with no mother, I picked up the residual parenting duties, even if I was only seven. I could change diapers and make bottles like a pro. My brother was raised as stereotypically of any baby of the family is destined to be, spoiled. We all marveled at him taking his first steps and speaking his first words. We followed him on his first day of kindergarten and watched as his painstakingly shy personality transition into being the class clown. We kept vigil when he had an emergency appendicitis surgery. We made fun of him when his voice started to crack causing him to go silent for long periods at a time. I even taught him to drive! In the blink of an eye he went from being a baby to a young man.

Mother’s Day-3months after my dads death (5/2000)

It was only fitting that at my wedding he stepped in for my dad, who had died three years prior, and walked me down the aisle. I spent the majority of my life caring for him and my other brother and sisters. We have a bond unparalleled to any other sibling relationship. Our lives were starting to become full circle. He was giving me away to my future husband and releasing me to live a life of my own. A life that I had put on hold to take care of everyone else. I could not have been more prouder in that moment to have him by my side.

giving the father of the bride speech

Despite so many adversities he has grown into an amazing father, brother, uncle, friend and well just an all around respectable young man.

~Happy Birthday Bobby~



Leaving A Legacy One Memory At A Time

Another Housewife header_4 (1)

Once upon a time I used to wish away the day. From the time I opened my eyes and walked into my life outnumbered by babies in diapers and a pre-teen I yearned for that magical hour called bed time. It was the season in my life known to many as survival mode.

While I was working desperately to keep my children fed, clean and alive I didn’t realize right there in the middle of the mud and the muck (an unfortunate literal phrase on some days) memories that would last a lifetime were being made.

The same can be said for life in general. It is our everyday, even the mundane, that will make up our lifetime. The times we spend at the ball park watching our kids play ball, the talks you have with your kids about everything and anything while taxi driving around town, the time you set the kitchen on fire, the time your child had the courage to jump off the high dive, the time you let your kids eat ice cream for dinner, the time you stayed in your pajamas all day and watched movie after movie, the time they watched mom run a marathon, the time they spent running wild at dad’s work, the times you send your kid off to camp, the Summers the kids spend fighting all day but stayed up all night talking and sleeping in the same room, regularly sending the kids to grandmas so mom and dad could have date night, the time we prayed as a family for the Boston Marathon victims, the Yarnell Firefighters, the school shootings, for sick friends, for courage, for discernment, the times we stayed up all night studying for a test, the times we let the kids skip school because baseball’s opening day is a holiday in our family and all the days in between will be the days we refer to in the future when we start a sentence by saying, ’Remember when…”

A Daily Life blog post can be as eclectic as me. The diversity in my daily life includes anything from setting goals, learning something new, dealing with depression, sharing my love for books, coffee and baseball, missing my dad, a date night with Mr. C, getting on a soap box or sharing my thoughts on current events.

In the months to come my Daily Life post will be topical and intimate. They will give you a glimpse into who we are as a family and who I am as a person. I blog about our Daily Life because we are truly leaving a legacy one memory at a time.